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Welcome to Drake Recruitment

Drake Recruitment is an independent business with an enviable reputation in the supply of temporary, permanent and contract based staff to the financial, technical and semi technical market place with an outstanding reputation regarding service levels, compliance and the ability to supply in a fluctuating marketplace to keep pace with our Client’s needs.

We have built a dedicated and professional team of consultants who listen to our clients and react accordingly and we deliver an honest, straight forward service, actively working towards candidate and client satisfaction.  We have become a recognised force in delivering our services throughout the UK.

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How to Dress Appropriately for A Job Interview. Have you ever turned up to a job interview in a tiger costume, only realising that you’ve overdressed when it’s too late to change? OK, that might be a bit of an extreme, but the principle stands. Nobody wants to turn up ...
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What You Can Do After a Job Interview. The period immediately after a job interview is an area still cloudy in mystery. Some experts claim that doing one thing will increase your chances of landing the position. Yet, others will say this will hinder the likelihood of you being offered ...
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How to Tell Your Not Hiring the Right Person. Anyone who’s not worked in recruitment but reckons they could “give it a go” has either no idea how challenging recruitment can be or is a liar. As a recruiter, you’ve got to keep your eye in several places at once ...
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