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How to stay fit and healthy working night shifts

Night shifts can be challenging. Whilst working night shifts can be more financially attractive, working against normal routines can leave you feeling fatigued and stressed. Here’s our top tips for taking care of yourself whilst working on the night shift.

Find a routine. Working on the night shift is against your body’s natural instincts to sleep at night, but the best way to combat that is to keep to a routine. Prepare your sleeping space in advance, making sure light is blocked out when you try to sleep. Plan sleep times and meal times according to your shift, as you would if you were working during the day.

Think about your food. Fresh fruit and vegetables provide the best source of nutrients to keep you focussed whilst working overnight. Make sure you also take plenty of breaks during your shift and bring healthy snacks and drinks to enjoy whilst working. Be careful when it comes to caffeine – it’s tempting to use strong coffee to get you through, but it could end up making you more lethargic if you rely on it too much.

Manage your exposure to light. Light will wake you up, which may not be ideal outside of your night shift. Use blackout curtains and avoid watching TV or looking at screens before trying to sleep.

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