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How to manage interview stress

Congratulations, your job search has resulted in an interview! Interviews are a critical stage in finding a new job. It’s natural to feel nervous, but it’s important to control interview stress to ensure you can make sure you come across as you would like to – here’s how.

Take your time! You may feel your heart racing faster than normal – make sure you focus on your breathing and take your time. Think about your answers to questions before you start and consider your body language where possible.

It’s a conversation after all! Yes, you are being interviewed for your suitability for the role – but equally you are interviewing the organisation just as much to make sure you want to work there! Think of an interview as a two-way conversation.

Be careful with the coffee! You might feel like you want a pick me up ahead of your interview, but caffeine can make your heart race and could leave you feeling restless – instead get an early night before your interview date!

Research thoroughly. Be prepared to kick your interview nerves – research both the company, the role and rehearse your interview answers, just in case.

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