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What should you take along to your interview?

Job interviews are your opportunity to impress a potential new employer and secure an exciting new career opportunity. When preparing for your interview, with everything else going through your mind it’s easy to forget the things you should be taking along with you to ensure you’re fully prepared. So here’s a handy checklist!

Your CV. Take copies of your CV with you, just in case it’s required. It may be a handy tool to refer to when asked a question, or your interviewer might appreciate a second look at your experiences.

A notebook. Taking notes about the role and the organisation shows you’re prepared and keen to understand more. So don’t forget your notepad and pen!

Examples of your work. Depending on the role you’re going for, examples of what you’ve done previously might be a useful aid during the interview, regardless if it’s pictures or text.

Your interview questions. It’s vital you prepare some interview questions to ask your potential new employer – it shows you’re engaged and interested. Make sure you consider these questions beforehand.

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