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How can you combat sleep deprivation?

Shift working can at times mean that colleagues find it difficult to get the adequate sleep and rest they require, especially if they are working through unsociable hours. Sleep deprivation can have massive consequences – here’s some top tips for avoiding mistakes.

Make communication count. Organisational procedures must be clear and concise, and available for everyone to access at any time in an accessible way. Procedures must be considered standard practise, so colleagues feel comfortable in their tasks.

Teamwork goes a long way. By helping one another, challenging shifts can seem a lot easier. Encourage a culture of teamwork where possible, ensuring colleagues feel motivated and well supported when working unsociable hours.

Make sure you take a break. If colleagues are suffering from sleep deprivation, small regular breaks can make a huge difference to well being and productivity. Giving the body time to recover regularly can ease some of the symptoms of sleep deprivation

The best cure? Avoid it! Ensure that colleagues get a good rest between shifts, provide lots of water and fresh food where possible to ensure every remains well fed and refreshed.

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