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Van Loading – The Right Way

If you drive vans professionally for a living, it’s probable that you’ve loaded and unloaded your van more times than you can remember. However, it’s vital that drivers pay attention to the way they load their vans to avoid injury. Take a look at our top tips!

Know your strength! Be aware of what you’re able to lift and what you can’t. The use of lifting aids where possible will make a huge difference to your own productivity!

Clear the route. Make sure your route is clear before you start carrying your load, ensure you have a place to stop if your items get too heavy, and park as close to your parcel’s final destination as possible!

It is too heavy? If your parcel is too heavy to lift, see if the parcel can be broken up into smaller parcels to make things easier, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

What about your shoes? Even if you’re strong enough to lift your parcels, slipping or inadequate shoes could make your life a whole lot harder.

Make sure you’re insured! You never know – make sure you and your van are covered!

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