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Make sure your warehouse is COVID-19 compliant

Coronavirus is changing the way we live and work. Whilst lots of businesses have been forced to close since the outbreak, there are numerous warehouses still working hard, given the growing demand for delivery. Here’s how to make sure your warehouse is fit to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Make sure everyone has the full facts. Provide written and verbal updates to your warehouse on government advice, including measure to protect yourself and what to do if you have symptoms. Additional posters and signage around the warehouse will make sure everyone is well reminded of key messages.

Think social distancing. There are numerous ways to make sure employees can effectively social distance in the warehouse; use floor markings to identify how far apart employees should be, use barriers where needed and limit movement in non-essential areas of the warehouse. Stagger shift starts and breaks, and practise non-contact deliveries.

Make your warehouse safe. Provide plenty of cleaning stations so staff can regularly wash their hands. There should be an ongoing supply of tissues and hand sanitiser for all employees.

Given the nature of the business, warehouses may need to implement further changes to the way they operate. The more diligent we are, the sooner we can beat coronavirus once and for all. Stay safe!

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