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Do it Right: Handing in your Notice

In the excitement of securing a brand new job, it’s easy to forget the sometimes awkward task of handing in your notice. There are ways you make sure you do it right – Read our top tips below.

It’s best to do it face to face. Don’t just leave a letter on your boss’s desk – it’ll seem impersonal. If you can, tell your boss face to face that you’re resigning and hand deliver a written letter as confirmation.

Give your reasons – constructively! Don’t tell your boss how much you’ve hated working for them in the last few years! Give constructive feedback as to why you’re moving on, whether it be for more money or a fresh challenge.

Be supportive. Offer to give an extensive handover, and make sure you leave your work ready to be picked up easily by someone else if necessary. Leaving your old company in the lurch doesn’t do any good.

Think about the future. It’s never good to burn bridges, and you might bump into your old boss in your career in the future! Be positive and supportive, and you’ll be remembered for it.

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