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It’s time to say goodbye to paper in the warehouse

Whilst the warehousing world has come a long way following technological advances, there’s still a surprising number of warehouses relying on good old-fashioned pen and paper. However, this practise could be costing organisations a lot of money each year…

Although most companies have some sort of computer based warehouse management system in place, often companies aren’t using these systems to their full advantage and are sticking to pen and paper for some of their processes.

The benefits of an all-encompassing warehouse management system are clear. Not only are they cost saving, but they are also proven to hugely improve efficiency in a warehouse. So why aren’t some managers buying?

Given the busy nature of a warehouse, it may be that some managers simply feel they do not have the time to invest in a system that will mean training sometimes hundreds of employees. Initially installation will clearly impact the effectiveness and output of the warehouse.

However, with eCommerce revolutionising the way consumers behave, managers will need to plan to invest and install a system that can ensure their business keeps up with the competition. Pen and soon won’t be enough.

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