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The differences between driving a car and a lorry

Demand for van and LGV drivers is high, and driving for a living can be a lucrative and stable career choice. But those considering joining the sector should consider the differences in driving a larger van compared to standard domestic vehicles. Here’s some of the differences to bear in mind.

Even before you start driving there are differences to consider. Driving some larger vehicles requires higher rates of taxes, and you might also find speed limits are different. Additionally, you might see some big differences in how much fuel is needed!

Where’s the mirror? Vans and commercial vehicles don’t come with a central rear view mirror. Side mirrors are vital in the absence of this rear view, especially when manoeuvring.

Driving feels different. When driving larger vehicles, you must consider the height of barriers and bridges, as well as be prepared for slower turning times. Planning is key when driving a van or LGV.

Expect a little extra. Larger vehicles tend to have a sixth gear – this is great for saving fuel when driving on the motorway.

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