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Are personality tests effective in the hiring process?

The hiring process differs between organisations according to their individual needs, and some organisations use personality tests as part of the hiring process to try and find out who candidates really are. But are these tests an effective measure of a good hire?

Pick the right one. There are countless personality test packages out there, and lots are totally free – but be warned! Not all are effective, so do your research to find a package that works for your organisation.

Don’t rely solely on the test. When making a decision on who to hire, don’t rely purely on the results of the personality test. Use the test to compliment results from other hiring stages, such as the application form and the interview.

Who compliments who? A personality clash on paper between your new hire and your old employee doesn’t spell disaster without question. Different personalities can compliment each other depending on the needs of your organisation.

Don’t just use the test at interview stage! Ask all of your employees to complete the test, regardless of how long they’ve been in the team, so you can assess how your team is already made up and what sort of person might compliment the mix.

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