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How to write a cover letter

When it comes to applying for jobs, sometimes a CV isn’t enough. Sometimes employers will ask for or expect a cover letter. A cover letter can also help your application stand out from the crowd. So how can you put together a winning cover letter?

Plan before you write. Research the organisation and the vacancy in detail first, and think about how your skills and experiences match the needs of the organisation.

It’s all about formatting. Keep your letter to the point and clear. Use a font that is accessible and professional and make sure you write in paragraphs.

Start at the beginning. Start the letter by advising why you are getting in touch with a prospective employer; follow this by offering examples as to how your skills and experiences match the needs of the job advertisement.

Promote yourself. Add in what you could bring to the business, outline your career goals and demonstrate why you would be an excellent choice for interview.

End it well. Close the letter summarising your suitability for the role and close the letter formally.

Where possible, your cover letter should be tailored to each application you make sure your application matches the vacancy in question.

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