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Driving safely during the night

Logistics is a 24 hour business, with HGV and LGV drivers often working night shifts to tight deadlines. It’s really important that drivers are extra diligent when it comes to driving at night, even if it becomes the norm – here’s our top tips.

Take refreshments. We recommend water and healthy snacks, and advise caution when reaching for the coffee. Caffeine may give you an instant energy kick but could leave you feeling more drained in the long run.

Keep your vehicle comfortable. Make sure all windows are cleaned inside and out to avoid dazzle; if you are struggling against the dazzle of oncoming headlights, try turning on your interior light to reduce the impact. Make sure your cab is well ventilated – plenty of oxygen will keep you feeling refreshed and alert!

Take plenty of breaks! Always take your break in full. Try to get out of your vehicle if you can safely to stretch out during your break. If you feel too tired to keep on driving, stop immediately.

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