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Stay on track with your driving hours

Despite all the pressures being faced by the supply chain at the moment, it’s important to stay safe when driving for a living. For example, it’s easy to accidentally drive longer than legally allowed and tempting to do so when deadlines are tight. But it’s definitely not worth this risk to a professional driver!

Driving for longer hours has its risks. Drivers who are tired risk accidents, both minor and major, that can potentially have a serious impact on the driver and the company they work for.

Driving beyond regulated hours can have serious consequences for both the driver and the organisation they are employed by. In recent cases, drivers found going beyond the regulated working hours lost their licence for 12 months.

Companies who allow drivers to work beyond the regulated hours face tough penalties too. Organisations can face suspension of their transport licences, which can have a huge impact on their productivity, and individuals deemed responsible for allowing such offences to happen could find themselves also unemployed.

So with all those risks in place, is it really worth driving longer than permitted?

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