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What are the benefits of Temporary work?

In today’s ever-changing market, temporary jobs are at times more readily available. Whilst traditionally a permanent role might seem more attractive, there are plenty of benefits to taking on a temp job. You’re in the driving seat. Temporary work means you have total freedom in your career and the ultimate in flexibility. Let’s get networking! […]

Are personality tests effective in the hiring process?

The hiring process differs between organisations according to their individual needs, and some organisations use personality tests as part of the hiring process to try and find out who candidates really are. But are these tests an effective measure of a good hire? Pick the right one. There are countless personality test packages out there, […]

The differences between driving a car and a lorry

Demand for van and LGV drivers is high, and driving for a living can be a lucrative and stable career choice. But those considering joining the sector should consider the differences in driving a larger van compared to standard domestic vehicles. Here’s some of the differences to bear in mind. Even before you start driving […]

It’s time to say goodbye to paper in the warehouse

Whilst the warehousing world has come a long way following technological advances, there’s still a surprising number of warehouses relying on good old-fashioned pen and paper. However, this practise could be costing organisations a lot of money each year… Although most companies have some sort of computer based warehouse management system in place, often companies […]

Are you ready to answer these interview questions?

Some interview questions seem straightforward. Some seem totally irrelevant and difficult to answer! Here’s some common interview questions – and how best to answer them… Why should we hire you for the job? The key here is to link your experiences to the needs of the role, without where possible turning it into a sales […]

Why you must avoid using your phone whilst driving

Using mobile phones whilst driving was banned way back in 2003. However, even today we still find people using their phones whilst behind the wheel. Whilst checking the road traffic news or a quick look at your work emails may seem harmless, these actions can be life threatening. One in four car accidents are caused […]