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Driver CPC Training

What NOT to do when operating a forklift

Forklifts are paramount to every warehouse – but used irresponsibly they can be hugely dangerous. Here’s a list of the things you should definitely not do when operating a forklift!   Forget or skip inspections. Conducting regular forklift inspections is vital to keeping a forklift working, but also keeping them safe. Inspections should be both […]

The benefits of keeping your warehouse in top shape

Clear home, clear mind, that’s how the saying goes. It’s the same in the workplace, most notably in the warehouse – it’s so important to make cleaning and organising the warehouse a priority. Here’s why. Safety first and foremost. A clattered and disorganised warehouse can lead to an increased risk of accidents, which does no […]

How to deal with interview stress

The things about job searching is that it inevitably results in interviews. Interviewing is a vital part of the job-hunting process; unfortunately you can’t get around it, and it can leave people feeling anxious. If you feel stressed about your next interview, take a look at our top tips for managing your anxiety here. Take […]

Stay on track with your driving hours

Despite all the pressures being faced by the supply chain at the moment, it’s important to stay safe when driving for a living. For example, it’s easy to accidentally drive longer than legally allowed and tempting to do so when deadlines are tight. But it’s definitely not worth this risk to a professional driver! Driving […]

How to manage an employment gap on your CV

There are countless reasons as to why there might be a gap in your employment on your CV, but it’s important you address a gap head on with any potential employer. Here’s how. Always be honest. Depending on the situation depends on how much information you need to provide, but honesty is always the best […]